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Just had the most home-grown soup ever. Leeks, potato, onion, garlic. All from the allotment. Something very satisfying about the time and work spent on a good simple meal.

It's pretty wild, just feeling so tired yet still trying to work. Each problem just takes that bit longer, first to solve but then to double check… because there's no way you're going to trust your first attempt.

The Ip Man film series really lost its way by number 4. Pretty much an anti-US propaganda piece. They didn’t even hold it together with decent fight scenes, which were over the top wire sequences. Might have to rewatch Prodigal Son to get that elegant Wing Chun experience.



Jeez, I’m having a real battle today, trying to funnel hundreds of thousands of records through SQS. #aws

This right here is some test content for using

My own tech business

You can now hire me! I’m available to do your development bidding. Go check out x is for .tech for further details. Thanks!

Routing with Rack and Lotus::Router

I gave another talk at the West Midlands Ruby User Group on routing, both using plain Rack apps and in the Lotus framework.

Vagrant to Docker

Despite some initial misgivings, I really fell for Vagrant. Consistent repeatable develoment environments, what’s not to love? Well, mostly the lack of speed. There are tricks that help, like nfs, but a full VM is comparatively slow compared to running native. Also, though I try to keep things consistent by using provisioners like Ansible, there still seems to be some discrepencies between environments. Maybe there is another way…