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I’ve had many jobs. My full CV is unprintable in a comfortable digest. Though all were useful in their own way, it was still a means to an end. Rock superstardom… so four years ago I decided to retool in what was then a time devouring hobby. So far, things have been going pretty well. I got a decent degree and have had two awesome jobs in a row, the second of which I still happily work at (whiteoctober).

I’ve been keeping my head down for some time now. I’ve really been wanting to get good at what I’m doing before I start to think of other things. But I’m happy to say that recently I’m starting to ‘get it’ with many of the techs that I’m using. I know I still have sooo much to learn, but it’s a good feeling to be making progress.

Oh yeah, I use Ubuntu for both work and play now. Good times :)

Hmm, what else is new… I move in a couple of weeks, to a place in Headington. At the moment there are five of us living in a four bedroom house in East Oxford. It’s fun and communal and all, but I’m really looking forward to moving in with just myself and Emily. You should check her blog by the way:

Actually, I think that’s it for now. Take care.

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