TBL, Thanks For All The Fish

Wed 13 Sep 2006

I no longer run Thanet Blog List. After my recent possible bias in the comments of this site I felt I needed to hand it over straight away. It has been given to another and I will not name them. They intend to develop the idea and I hope it becomes an even more useful resource.

This Saturday I will no longer be a Thanet blogger. I expect I will keep blogging for the same reasons I started in the first place. I will probably even change my subheading :) I also expect to continue reading others, you've been fun. Hope it doesn't get too much more political (vote anyone but tory, hehe) and you all remember that life is supposed to be fun. Perhaps I'll also point out for the sake of sillyness, has anyone else noticed that Ramsgate Tourettes and Eastcliff Richard have taken a break at the same time?

Thank you Thanet, its been emotional.

A Summer Day At Gadds

Wed 13 Sep 2006

Stout, mmmm

Fri 08 Sep 2006

A couple of posts back I stated that Eddie was a stout pusher... but I love him for it. The reason I said this was as simple as the statement. While I was at the jazz festival on Ramsgate seafront the other week I went to the Gadds tent to get myself another beer, but he had run out. What he did offer me though was two small unmarked bottles from some boxes he kept behind him. I asked how much to which he replied "on me". Difficult to say no to that! I guessed this was a new product that he was testing the ground with. I poured it, tasted it and found it to be the divine nectar. This dark 7% wonder was the kind of drink you only dream of! At that point I concluded that what he was doing was getting us hooked before releasing it to the public. The method certainly worked on me, I was left dreaming on when I could next get my grubby mits on some more.

Tonight I saw Eddie and quickly asked him where I could get more of his magic juice. His reply was simple; I can't. Stunned horror. Dear God, why? As it turned out, this was a test run they did to check the setup of their equipment in its new location a couple of months prior. They didn't want to do a brew that they'd feel bad not being able to sell (eg No.3), so Ian came up with the idea of a stout. Brilliant, but not 'commercially viable'.

So now I'm not sure what is worse. To have tasted it and know that I will never taste it again or, if things had been different, to never have tasted it at all. So, no longer do I love him for being a pusher, I now believe him to be a cruel cruel man!

TBL Bust by BBC

Thu 07 Sep 2006

Seems I got somewhat busted in the BBC Kent article on bloggers as the man behind the Thanet Blog List. Many of the more savvy would have guessed anyway, but its really out now, so I guess its time to discuss it.

I started the list in reaction to Cliff Richard saying he was quiting the scene after a spat with the doctor. I was concerned that there wouldn't be the central point for bloggers to rally around. I also had issues with the links being removed from peoples blogs due to personal issues. I felt the best way to resolve this was an independent list that would link anyone regardless, trusting the reader to decide what was hot and what was not.

Now we come to the problem. Not only is it not very independent now that its clear its me, but I am leaving Thanet and so feel I will have less time to hunt down local blogs.

We have a few possible solutions here:
a) Kevin continues as is and only adds blogs when he checks [email protected] once every few months.
b) Some other person contacts Kevin saying they will take good care of it and will remain impartial.
c) I tell you all the login and password for the blog and you can all add stuff when you find it. Kevin (or someone) hangs onto the email to reset any abuses with a password reset.

I personally like the third option as I'm a community thinking kinda guy, but I can see its problems.

This is up to you guys to call it as its really your list.

Thanet Times does it again

Fri 01 Sep 2006

Sorry, i know our local papers have the general difficulty of being able to tell their arse from their elbows, but this really is taking the biscuit! Just a couple of weeks ago they were praising a trader in Arlington shopping arcade in Margate for recruiting a group of graffiti artists to produce some quality work on the boarded up shops. Now they showing the same graffiti and calling it disgraceful! Do they have any idea what they are talking about or do they really assume that we won't remember what they said last week? Personally, I think its the local presses fickle attitudes to local events and issues that is the disgrace of this area.

Eddie Is A Stout Pusher

Mon 28 Aug 2006

eddie is a stout pusher... but i love him for it.

Folkweek and Thanet Rocks

Sun 27 Aug 2006

I don't seem to do this very often, maybe time for a bit of an update.

Summer for me is pretty much over now, but it was a good one. I took just over a week off work for folk week (yes, the whole week and yes, I know the words to the clarence the dragon song) where I plied my way through many beers. It wasn't the best year, bit of a washout at first, but it was still very good. I even managed to get in some fireclub passing going on the beach on the wednesday. I normally do alot of cicus type stuff at folk week, but I didn't so much this year. Probably got my yearly fix doing a circus workshop for Manston village fete a couple of weeks before.

Much of my folkweek was taken up with flyering for a gig I was holding on the Sunday in Westgate which was called the Thanet Rocks End Of Summer Bash. Thanet Rocks being the recent tagline for oonagi... probably drop that a bit now as its been hammered pretty hard. Anyway, the idea of the gig was to have a bit of a festival of local original music. We had seven local bands and artists doing their own thing and all the money we made went to charity. We raised around £375 for Thanet Mind, whoop! Thats the summary, if you want to know all the trials and tribulations that went into it, plus a rundown of the day then a full write-up on The Gig 06 link at the top of oonagi. Right at the moment I'm working on a mini-site bonus feature of a DVD thats being made of the day. We'll be selling them in the hope of raising a bit more money for the aforementioned worthy charity.

Other than that I'm preparing to go to uni in september. Oxford Brookes to study computers and culture for three years. This has raised a concern with my role in oonagi. I do so much work on the site that I'm a bit worried at having to let it go. I'll still help out but I'm not going to be local, which is one of the fundamentals of oonagi.

Ok, see you again in.... who knows \m/(^_^)\m/

Diabolo Short

Sat 19 Aug 2006

This is a video of me.

Hear My Voice

Tue 08 Aug 2006

Admin authentication is starting to annoy me. I can understand in some cases with the blogs, but frankly, the admin can just delete the posts anyway, so why bother. What really annoys me is when it's supposed to be on a social site outside of blogger. Why should the admin tick off each post? Its not the dark ages of the internet anymore, so why do small site owners still not trust the users to say something sensible. Frankly, I find it very off putting and it discourages input. I am one of the 1% who creates content, but I'm not going to if you don't trust what I have to say.

Wed 02 Aug 2006

The Wikipedia articles of Ramsgate and Margate have been recommended for the Wikipedia CD Selection. At the moment, the seclection only has just over 2000 atricles on it. So it's pretty neat for our local towns to be chosen out of 1,291,557 english language articles (02/08/06).

The problem is that the articles need more work. I know Adem of the Big Blog has been doing some work on the Ramsgate page, posting a gallery, etc. But the two articles need alot more work. For example, the Ramsgate article states Gary Pallister as the most notable resident (he played for Middlesbrough once), yet totally neglects to mention Van Gough.

Please visit the pages and do what you can to help.